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Soul Searching

Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Motown, Funk and everything in between. Call it what you want, the Soul Motives are on it.

We are putting the final touches on a line-up of musicians who possess a positive attitude and an appreciation for the aforementioned styles. Experience in fun is necessary. Sight-reading and some theoretical knowledge are pluses.

The goals for the Soul Motives are quite simple. We want to have fun playing one of the most prolific and spirited genres of music ever...from the heart! Our target markets are private/corporate events, music festivals and bar/club gigs.

We are not full-time musicians but we are experienced. This is a an excuse to play the music we love, make some good money doing it, and make friends along the way.

If you think you're what the Soul Motives are looking for, contact Jon Woods.


We are currently looking for talented folk to assume the following roles:


To get an idea of the Soul Motives' repertoire, visit
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